You have the right to report your OWCP work injuries.  It’s against the law for management to prevent you from reporting your OWCP work injuries and YOU CAN NOT BE FIRED FOR REPORTING A WORK INJURY.  Threats of termination or of other retaliation are not legal.  You are protected by the law in OWCP and with OSHA.

The Right to Report OWCP Work Injuries

20 CFR § 10.16

What criminal and civil penalties may be imposed in connection with a claim under the FECA?

(a) A number of statutory provisions make it a crime to file a false or fraudulent claim or statement with the Government in connection with a claim under the FECA, or to wrongfully impede a FECA claim.

18 USC 1922

Whoever induces, compels, or directs an injured employee to forego filing an injury claim shall be fined, imprisoned, or both.